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Regular Board Meeting of Village Square Condominium Association
March 21, 2012     6:30 pm

President Bourke called the meeting to order.  Roll call was done with all members present:  President Evelyn Bourke, Vice President Vern Groe, Secretary Geraldine Polk, Treasurer Carolyn Rigerman, Assistant Secretary David Mark.  A quorum was established.

Agenda Items

  • Minutes of the board meetings from 2/15/12 and 2/28/12 were reviewed by board members for approval.
  • Vern Groe motioned for acceptance of the 2/15 minutes; seconded by Carolyn Rigerman; motion carried.
  • Vern Groe motioned for acceptance of the 2/28 minutes; seconded by Carolyn Rigerman; motion carried.
Financial Report  presented by Carolyn Rigerman
  • Expenses vs Income:  Total liabilities =$37,160.95, Total assets=$227,947.98
There are 8 units in various stages of bankruptcy or foreclosure.  Our attorney has set up trial dates for April, June, and July.  There is a total of $49,997.36 in receivables due to Village Square for HOA  fees, some go back for many years.
  • If a unit is “under water” and live able, the unit owner may deed that unit to Village Square if the owner is willing.
  • David Mark motioned that we ask our attorney to begin foreclosure proceedings to collect the overdue maintenance fees; Carolyn Rigerman seconded; motion carried.
Unfinished Business
Evelyn Bourke requested ratification of an over-run on our community road repairs.  $1400 extra was needed for repair of a large hole on a side road.  Motion was made to approve the funds by Vern Groe; seconded by Geraldine Polk; Motion carried.

Bids have been received on stairwell repairs for buildings 1795 and 1785.  

  • Bid from Barton Construction is $7500 for both buildings
  • Bid from Alwright Construction is $9,950 for both buildings
  • Board members discussed that Barton had done previous work like this for us and the work was highly satisfactory
  • Motion to accept the Barton bid made by Carolyn Rigerman; seconded by David Mark; motion carried.
  • David Mark agreed to contact Barton to inform them of winning the bid
Security lights for buildings 1745 and 1775;  to improve outdoor lighting to more desirable and appropriate levels
  • Bid received from Brevard Electric for $698.81
  • Bid received from Advent Electric for $762.39
  • Board members discussed satisfaction of previous work quality from Brevard Electric
Geraldine Polk motioned acceptance of Brevard Electric bid; seconded by Carolyn Rigerman; motion carried.
New Business
Geraldine Polk recommended a need for a committee to assess fines to owners/renters for violations of  the Association rules and regulations
  • Committee members would need to be non-board members and must not live with a board member,  but must live within the community
  • This would include pet violations as well as people who move in without the unit owner providing any application or documentation as required by the rules and regulations
A formal warning notice was recommended that would allow 10 days to comply or fine would be imposed

Looking for volunteers; no interest shown by anyone in attendance

Next meeting scheduled for April 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm

at 7:36 pm

General discussion in audience about the recycle bins overflowing;  Collection should be every Monday; Vern Groe will contact the Waste Management people to request a pick-up.

Transcribed by:  Joan Groe
Approved by:  Geraldine Polk, Secretary