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MINUTES of the
Village Square of Titusville Condominium Association, Inc.
Board Meeting
held THURSDAY, March 8, 2018

Call to Order / Establish Quorum: The meeting was called to order at 5 pm in the clubhouse. Board members present: President Betty Conant, Treasurer Al Flotre, Directors Bernie Franczyk, Dennis Lee & Felecia Cardone. VP Dennis Filler & Secretary Donna Tidwell not present. Michelle Davis with Reconcilable Differences was also present, as were 6 owners.

Approve Minutes of the November 9, 2017 Meeting: Al motioned to approve these minutes as written and posted on the website. Dennis L. seconded, all in favor.

Approve Minutes of the Annual Organization Meeting in January: Dennis motioned to approve these minutes as written and posted on the website. Bernie seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: Al Flotre reported that as of February 28, 2018h, financials show $84K in the Operating Account and $544,312 in the various Reserve Savings accounts. He has checked all numbers on the report and feels they are accurate and the association is healthy.

Al motioned to use road reserves to pay $6,902 to Mike’s Masonry for replacing a large road area near the work shed, adding retaining walls at the north end of 2 buildings, and leveling many trip hazards throughout the property. Dennis seconded, all in favor.

A unit owner has requested $650 reimbursement for drywall in 2 bedrooms. This unit did have a water leak from above, into the bathroom, but did not have working air conditioning, so mold grew throughout the unit. The association would have paid for new bathroom drywall, but were asked to cover the air quality testing after treatment. Since that is not an association issue, that was paid in lieu of bathroom drywall. This Board agreed that bedroom drywall replacement was not due to the bathroom leak and therefore, will not be reimbursed. It was also noted that the approved amendment requiring a working a/c unit will keep these issues from happening in the future.

President’s Message: Betty thanked Dennis Lee, Al Flotre, Bernie and Dave for all their volunteer hours working on the pool fence repair, and thanked Dennis Lee and Bernie for their help with the plant needs.

New Business:
Roof Replacements
: Al noted that he was pro-metal roofs, and a majority of owners voted to research changing the material, but his further research found that the metal that looks like shingles is three times the cost of regular shingles. He also noted that only three roofs need replacement in the near future. He still thinks the association should investigate this change of material, but not for another nine years, when the next round of replacements will be needed.

Three bids were obtained. RenewPro of Rockledge was the lowest bidder and also understands how to work with insurance adjusters and hopes to help the association obtain more insurance proceeds. Insurance only paid $3,308 on the hurricane claims. RenewPro gave a discount if all 3 roofs are done at once. Bids were $30K each for #1685 & #1705, both 12-unit buildings, and $23,400 for building #1715, an 8-unit building. Total cost $83,400 with the discount.

Al stated that the insurance reserve line can pay for much of the cost, and roof reserves can be used for the balance. He made that motion, Bernie seconded, all in favor. The board will meet with the RenewPro rep on Monday to sign the contract. Al noted that the vendor will use a magnetic roller 3 times per day to pick up nails, will take debris away nightly instead of leaving a dumpster, is adding the “peel and stick” underlayment, and management has used them before with no problems.

Drainage Issues: Four board members, including one engineer, investigated these issues between 1705 & 1715, as well as the storm drain on the north side of the property. There is a storm or sewer drain on the south side of the Association’s fence line. The fence is falling, and we believe it might be a break in that drain. It is either a city or neighboring property owner issue, but affects Village Square, so we may need to fix the problem to stop the erosion. The north swale and storm water issue will be dealt with by leveling or adding dirt in certain areas.

Plants: The property needs some new plants in areas that are bare or have old shrubs past their life span, mainly around a/c compressors. Building #1735 has no plants, so the bulk (18) will be planted there. Betty, Dennis Lee & Bernie researched what types of plants work best in this area and obtained prices from Rockledge Gardens and the association’s landscaper, Precision Landscaping. Fifty-two plants plus 3 vines for the pool fencing are needed. Rockledge Gardens bid $658.28 for plants, rock and soil. Precision bid $470 for the same and will deliver for free. Volunteers will be planting all the new shrubs. Joe B will water all the plants daily for 2 weeks while they get established. We will be using last year’s unused funds for plants and mulch, so it will not affect this year’s budget.

Owner Input: A resident asked what is sprayed by Truly Nolen on the grass, because 2 small dogs got very sick. While the vendor states that the fertilizer and pest control is safe, they do not recommend walking on it within an hour of spraying.

There is a dead tree in the island near building 1725. This wasn’t done by the landscaper, but needs to be removed. Precision will be asked to remove this tree.

Al Flotre installed a solar flood light between the back of 2 buildings, at a cost of $115, and it seems to be doing what it needs to do. Al was thanked for his research on the light and for installing it.

Set Next Meeting: It was agreed that notice will be posted at least 48 hours before the next meeting. At this time, there is nothing else needing votes.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.