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April 22, 2016

Call to Order / Establish Quorum: The meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon in the clubhouse. Board members present: President Brenda Dowd, Secretary/Treasurer Betty Conant, and VP Dennis Filler. Michelle Davis and Ted Manna with Reconcilable Differences were also present, as were 5 residents: Joseph & Terry Biggi, Carolyn Rigerman, Mike Platt and Bill Sederlund. 

Approve Minutes of the October 30th Budget Meeting and the January 22nd Organizational Board Meeting: Brenda motioned to approve these minutes as written and posted on the website. Dennis seconded, all in favor. 

Financial Report: Michelle Davis reported that as of March 31, 2016, the Association has $62,285 in the Operating Account and $326,113 in the various Reserve Savings accounts and CD’s. There is $725 in accounts receivable, which is just one unit and some late fees on a few others, and the association is $941.00 under budget year to date. The Association is fully funded and is in very good financial shape.

Old Business

  • Window Update: Betty met with a number of vendors to obtain prices for owners to replace their windows. One owner wanted an amendment sent to owners to make windows an association responsibility, but this will not be discussed. The Association would have to increase fees to cover the cost to save and pay for all new windows in all units. Betty did say that the hurricane rated high impact windows are in the $700 per window range, and the city requires a permit. If a person wants a non-impact window, the price is less, but then you are required to install a shutter as well, so the cost increases to more than a hurricane-rated window. Betty also said she has the name of a local vendor who can repair the hardware in the windows so that they stay up without help, at a cost of $55.00 per window. Contact Betty for more information.
New Business: 
  • Security Cameras: We have installed seven cameras throughout the property. All are wireless and have already helped. We had video of vandals trying to open a truck door and another unlocked car. We were also able to see who used the clubhouse without renting it and were then able to let the tenants know the rules for the future. The contractor installed a monitor and DVR, and he is willing to meet with police to find and save the videos when needed to catch and prosecute a vandal or robber, but the two issues this month did not result in any thefts. The security camera system was paid for with 2015 budgeted money. We may need to add cameras, but this can easily be done, when needed. 
  • Painted Buildings: Buildings 1705 and 1745 were painted this last month, as scheduled on the reserve plan. The painter, Complete Painting, also painted the exterior sides of all patio aluminum, and these look really nice. All future building painting jobs will include the painting of the exterior of patio aluminum. Brenda motioned to use Reserve Funds to pay for these buildings to be painted. Dennis seconded. The costs were $4085 and $4315 respectively. 
  • Security Lights: The Association has added two flood lights between buildings in the last two years, and have received thanks for helping to light very dark areas. The areas now being discussed are between 1705 and 1735, to install a narrow light down the center back yard, and then place a flood light on the back side of 1705 to light up the back fence area. Another light to add is between 1745 and 1715 to face north to light up that back area as well. We are obtaining costs to install white LED flood lights in these areas. The majority of owners are very happy to see this happen, for safety reasons, but we are still looking for a light that will work for security without shining into bedrooms. Betty motioned to use the balance of last year’s unused funds to pay for these flood lights to be installed, at approximately $1800.00. Dennis seconded, all in favor. 
  • Lawn/Shrub Fertilization Contract (Truly Nolen): We have not been happy with Massey’s fertilization work. There are still a lot of weeds in the grass, and the shrubs are not getting serviced properly. The Board met with 3 other contractors, and chose Truly Nolen, because they have promised to cover all fertilization and pest control of all grass and all shrubs, with no extra costs for extra visits. We will have the maintenance man fertilize all trees in-house to save money. Residents said a Slug-A-Bug technician lives at the duplex next door and will ask him for a price in case we are not happy with Truly Nolen or Massey for the pest and termite control. 
  • Fire Marshal inspection: was held today. There were four violations: Building 1775 has a raft stored between 105 and 106; 1785 has storage items between 111-112; 1795 has storage between 113-114 and 1735 has a plant on the landing between floors, and there is not enough width to get by in case of a fire. There was also a fire extinguisher that needs re-charging at 1795. All homes near the stored items will receive letters asking them to move the items. Space Coast Fire will be asked to replace the fire extinguisher. 
Owner Input: Joe asked if we could have a real flag pole installed at the clubhouse like we have at the entrance sign. He was asked to help obtain details and a price for what he is hoping to have installed. It was noted that a spotlight will be needed unless someone takes it down every night. 

A resident said unknown people were at the pool. All residents are asked to accompany their family and friends to the pool and to not loan the pool key to non-residents. 

Set Next Meeting: No meeting date was set. When needs arise, we will post notice at least 48 hours in advance. 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:25 pm. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Michelle Davis, manager 
Reconcilable Differences