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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors for the
Friday, April 25, 2014

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by President Brenda Dowd. Six unit owners attended. 

Establish Quorum of Directors: 
Board members present: President Brenda Dowd, Vice President Evelyn Bourke, Secretary Betty Conant, and Director David Mark. Treasurer Dennis Filler was absent. Michelle Davis and Lynn Hiott represented Reconcilable Differences. 

Approval of Prior Minutes: 
Betty motioned to approve the minutes of the Board meeting held March 28, 2014 as written and posted on the web site. Evelyn seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report
Manager Michelle Davis reported that as of March 31, 2014, the Association has $46,027 in the operating account, with $8,580 in prepaid assessments, leaving an actual total of $37,447 in operating funds. There is a total of $258,262 in the various reserve accounts. We show a total of $39,911 in outstanding dues from residents as of the end of last month. The Association has foreclosed on and holds title to three units. We have rented two of them so we are collecting rent to lower the balances due before the banks foreclose on the units. Unit 255 has a bank’s foreclosure sale scheduled for the end of May. Units 238 and 122 are behind in their payments and we will be sending these to the attorney to start the collection and foreclosure process. Unit 241 is on a payment plan and Unit 210 will be paid within the week.  

Through the first three months of the year, the Association is $117 under budget. Mr. Mark asked what was spent to date in legal fees. Michelle replied that $1,700 has been spent in legal fees this year.  


  • Camera at Pool: Evelyn reported that she and John researched camera options on line and felt that the one from Best Buy would be suitable with a sim card recording. Questions were asked about the clarity of the camera, what the record time was and if John was able to install it and connect it to the lights currently at the pool to only record at night. Evelyn assured all that John was capable of installing the camera and that the quality would be reviewed after installation. If not a quality recording, the camera can be taken back to Best Buy for an exchange. Evelyn motioned to purchase the camera from Best Buy for $159, Betty seconded, all in favor. 
  • Painting Buildings 1695, 1715, and 1725: This was tabled for the next meeting to assure all bids were in and could be discussed.
  • Roofs of Buildings 1695, 1725, 1785, and 1795: Management advised the Board that the roofs have a life span of 20 years and they are only 15 years old, and that the report from Alron said no roofs look like they need to be replaced, only repairs were needed on a few. Mr. Mark felt that replacing before there were problems is better than after water intrudes. A discussion ensued. Mr. Mark will review the Alron report, and one of the four bidders, Total Home Roofing, will be asked to come to the next Board meeting to discuss their bid and their opinion on the roofs’ life spans. 
  • Amendment Language Discussion (Reduce 2/3rd): Mr. Mark motioned to mail out amendment ballots to all owners, with wording requiring that after a quorum of owners is established (53 units), with the affirmative vote of 2/3rds of those owners voting, an amendment can be passed.  All agreed to have this rewritten by the attorney and sent as a mail away ballot, meeting in 90 days to adopt if enough positive votes are received (currently 69 positive unit votes are needed). Betty seconded the motion, all were in favor. 
  • Rules and Regulations: Management explained that the Rules and Regulations went out to membership with the annual meeting packages. There were a few minor changes suggested and discussed today. These minor changes will be noted in the upcoming newsletter to inform membership. Betty made the motion to approve and accept the Rules and Regulations with the minor changes as discussed and adopt the new Rules. Brenda seconded, and all were in favor. Management asked about the registration of the pet rules and the DNA testing. The Board all agreed to the need for all pet owners to register their pets with the office, but to not yet start the DNA testing process. 
  • Guest/Visitor Form: Evelyn stated that in working with management, they were able to define a one-page form that would be used for visitors staying more than 2 days, as many people have friends and relative visit when the owner is not on site. This form does not require a background check and no fees are required, but it helps the Association know who is onsite as a guest versus those who are walking through the property without living there. The completed forms will be placed in the unit files. Copies of this form will be available in the clubhouse and on the website. The Board requested that this form and the pet registration form be sent with the amendment vote to inform all owners. 
  • Slab leaks: Evelyn reported that there have been numerous slab leaks lately. Pipes are at the end of their lifespans. She asked to ratify the expenses of the last few slab leaks that had to be repaired between meetings by All Brevard Plumbing:  January 7  $867.13  (#116)    April 10  $571.19  (#202) March 12   $711.91  (#101)   We have just started using Taylor Plumbing, and they completed the re-piping of both the upper and lower units #127 and #227 at a cost of $1500.00, although they said they would honor that bid, but in the future it would be more. Brenda motioned to ratify these slab leak repair costs, a total of $3650.23 to come from Water Pipe Reserves, and to approve that future slab leak repairs also come from reserves. Betty seconded. Evelyn said that in the past, a slab leak was not completely re-routed as a final fix until it leaked twice. In order for the Board to act preventively, she recommends that when a slab leak is found, both the upper and lower units be re-routed so damage does not happen twice. Votes on this: All in favor. Evelyn will also get a quote from Taylor Plumbing for owners to know how much it would cost to replace their wax rings under the toilets. Due to the age of most of the toilets, the wax rings are leaking, causing damage into units below them, and need to be replaced. This information will be included in the upcoming newsletter. 
  • Guthrie’s Complaint to DBPR: Michelle reported that a unit owner filed a complaint with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) because of the work done in 2012 to the “west wall”, which she felt was owned by Spanish Oaks, so Village Square misused their association funds to make the repairs. The amount of time and effort it has taken to do the research, along with attorney fees to reply to DBPR, is costly to the association, especially since a response from the attorney was already sought and read at the annual meeting, stating that the Board acted responsibly in repairing the Village Square side of the wall. Since that was not enough for her, this new complaint has been turned over to our legal counsel to reply to DBPR and we will receive a response from DBPR within 30 days. The complainant owner spoke up to state that what was in question was not the repairs to the wall but why the Association felt the need to include “Spanish Oaks” name in the 2014 Budget. Michelle responded that the prior Board accepted the wording “west wall – Spanish Oaks” to help owners know exactly which wall was being funded. Mr. Mark suggested that our legal counsel write up an agreement between both associations that stated that the side facing each association would be maintained by that association. Lynn will ask the attorney for his opinion on doing this.  

Owner Input: 
An owner commented that a downstairs unit #136 has 4 cats and a bird, and that the litter box on their porch has a foul stench emanating up and affecting the neighbors in their enjoyment of their outside porch. Management will write a letter explaining that only 2 animals are allowed at Village Square and that the litter box has to be maintained or they could lose the right to have any animals at Village Square. 

An owner commented that her grandchildren have been yelled at repeatedly for riding their skateboards up the curbs of the landscape and she felt that was not fair because children need a place to play. All agreed that children have a rights to ride their skateboards, but not up the curbs and into the mulch and plants.

 Curbs cannot be used as skateboard ramps. 

Set Next Meeting Date: The next meeting date is set for June 27, 2014 at 12:00 pm. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 1:21 pm.


Lynn Hiott, LCAM and Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM 
Reconcilable Differences Management