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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors for the
Friday, May 9, 2014

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Brenda Dowd. Four unit owners attended. 

Establish Quorum of Directors: 
Board members present: President Brenda Dowd, Vice President Evelyn Bourke, Secretary Betty Conant, and Director David Mark. Treasurer Dennis Filler was absent. Lynn Hiott represented Reconcilable Differences. 

Approval of Prior Minutes: 
Evelyn motioned to approve the minutes of the Board meeting held April 25, 2014 as written and posted on the web site. Betty seconded, three in favor, with David Mark not in favor because he felt that the section called “Guthrie complaint to DBPR” had too much opinion and should only be facts, and that the comment “since that was not enough for her” should be stricken. The other three Board members felt the way it was written was factual and voted to approve without change.

Guest Speaker: Kevin with Total Home Roofing was invited to speak about the roofs and discuss his bid. He stated that each roof bid included 3 sheets of plywood and he did not expect more to be needed. He said he would bring the decks up to code in regard to the 6 inch nail spaces, and install peel and stick underlayment. With these added features, the association should see a decrease in their insurance premiums. He stated that there would be a 2 inch drip edge added to protect the fascia. He also stated that they would be using Architectural shingles from Owens Corning with a 50 year warranty. He explained, however, that the differences between the 50, 40, 30 and 20 year shingles was not how long they lasted, but the thickness and durability of the shingle. He said they would not last 50 years, but they are a better thickness then a 20 year warranty shingle. They have a 130 mph wind rating. He stated that the roofs would be inspected 4 times, twice with his company and twice with the City of Titusville. He did discuss clips and wraps on the buildings. The bid did not offer clips or wraps, but as an additional security to the roofs and a better discount he highly suggested that if the roofs are being redone, to go ahead and get the wraps, which are metal connectors consisting of a single strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter and is secured with a minimum of 2 nails on the front side and a minimum of 1 nail on the opposing side. This would be approximately an additional cost of $1,500 per roof, but well worth the savings in insurance. It was asked how long the installation process would be, and he stated that his group would be able to finish a roof within 3-4 days.  A question was asked of him about the Hail report we received from Alron which stated that no roofs needed to be replaced. He stated that the cost of the shingles and supplies are raising higher every week and if the four roofs did not get done early into the hurricane season, then the prices would rise, so it was really not worth waiting. The Board thanked him for coming and speaking. 

Financial Report: 
Due to this being a special meeting, it was too early for the April financials to be completed. This was tabled for the next meeting.   


  • Camera at Pool: Evelyn reported that the camera was purchased, however John has been swamped with drywall repairs and will install it once he has the opportunity. She will report on the camera at the next meeting.
  • · Painting Buildings 1695, 1715, and 1725: This was tabled for the next meeting to assure all bids were in and could be discussed. The Board requested a meeting to be held with the top 2 painter bids and the Sherwin Williams representative to discuss details of the bids. 
  • Roofs of Buildings 1695, 1725, 1785, and 1795: Four bids were obtained for this work:
Total Home Roofing total was $66,000 including the installation of the straps; Elite Roofing was $62,600; Duncan Roofing was $66,000 and Joseph Horschel Roofing was $86,620 for all four roofs to be completed. Evelyn made a motion to approve Total Home Roofing in the amount of $66,000 to include installing the hurricane straps on all four buildings. David seconded, and all were in favor. Evelyn will contact Total Home Roofing and have them submit a new contract to include the straps and the wind mitigation forms and ask for a start date. 
  • Amendment Language Discussion (Reduce 2/3rd): Mr. Mark motioned to mail out amendment ballots to all owners.  Evelyn seconded the motion, all were in favor of the mailing. It was agreed to have the meeting in 90 days to count and adopt if enough positive votes are received. Currently 69 positive votes are needed. The members meeting will be August 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm. When the ballot is mailed, it was suggested to mail the Pet Registration and Guest Forms with it, as well as the Spring Newsletter. 


  • Material Alterations: The Board contemplated changing the roofs from the current brown to a blue and possibly adding gutters and downspouts to all the buildings. Lynn obtained a bid for the gutters, but the Board agreed not to look at material alterations at this time. 
  • Slab leaks: Evelyn made a motion to ratify the expenses of the last slab leak that had to be repaired between meetings. Taylor Plumbing did the work in units 106/206 for $2,000, and she motioned to take that from plumbing reserves. Betty seconded the motion, all were in favor. David reported that a homeowner was asked to write a letter to the Board regarding a current leak she had in her upstairs unit that went into the downstairs unit. The majority of the Board felt that the pipe that was leaking serviced ONLY her unit and that the association should not be held responsible. Management was unsure on this so the Board asked for an opinion from the attorney to state which pipes are considered common elements and which pipes belong to the homeowner. Lynn will get an opinion on this from Paul Wean. For now, the Board wrote a check to homeowner Elizabeth Gosnell in unit 214.

Owner Input: 
An owner commented that she as well did not agree with the minutes about her complaint to DBPR and stated that if her name was included in the minutes, then the Board would hear from her legal representative, as this was not acceptable. 

Set Next Meeting Date: The next meeting date is set for the Members/Board Meeting August 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm. 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 10:21 am.


Lynn Hiott, LCAM 
Reconcilable Differences Management