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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors for the
May 23, 2013

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:15 pm by President Betty Conant.

Establish Quorum of Directors: Board members present: President Betty Conant and Secretary Brenda Dowd. Treasurer Dennis Filler attended by speaker phone. Seven owners attended.

Approval of Prior Minutes: Brenda motioned to approve the minutes of the meeting held March 27, 2013 as written and posted on the web site. Dennis seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: Manager Michelle Davis reported that as of April 30, 2013, the Association has $35,178 in the operating account, with $8,510 in prepaid assessments, leaving a total of $26,668 in operating funds. There is a total of $220,522.00 in the various reserve accounts. We have a total of $38,207 in outstanding dues from residents. Over $26K of that is in two units that the Association now owns and rent. We are receiving $400 over the monthly fee each month to put towards the balances due until the banks take them back. Three others are in various stages of bankruptcy so we have to wait on those, and one is in collections with the attorney because they are living here but not paying anything. The Association is $3K over budget, but this is due to a full time maintenance man and supplies to get a lot of unfinished items completed.

Discussion & Vote on Painting Bids: There was much discussion about the two final bids that were submitted. Brenda motioned to approve up to $17,000.00 from reserves for Anchor Painting to paint Buildings 1765, 1785 and 1795 Harrison Street, along with the stairs and walkways where needed, and the front doors. There is a 12 year warranty on their work for this price, and it includes pressure washing and filling cracks, but excludes all brick. It does not include the shutters. John will handle those, and we will add new numbers to the units after the painting is completed.  This motion was seconded by Dennis, all in favor.

Discussion & Vote on Security Lighting: Brenda motioned to install Security Lighting for Buildings 1765 and 1775. We are confirming prices and specifications, but the cost should be about $345 per high sodium light, installed in conduit on the side of each building. This motion was seconded by Betty, all in favor.

Discussion & Vote on Roof Repairs:  On building #1685, the original contractor only put cardboard behind the fire wall on the roof. A local contractor was hired to repair the one side, but now the other side has come down. It is just cosmetic, not structural, and no units were affected inside, but the work needs to be done. Dennis motioned to have Paul Layton, the same contractor, make the needed repairs, with the $1700 taken from Roof reserves. Betty seconded, all in favor.

Owner Input: It was noted that some of the rules of the Association need to be clarified, and volunteers were requested for a Rules Revision Committee.  Doris McDowell and Linda Beckwith volunteered to start this. Once wording is finalized, it will go to the attorney for final approval before being sent to the owners for input, and then at the following Board meeting, the Board can modify or just accept the mailed version and it will go into effect.

Dennis noted that our leasing rules are not being followed by some owners. They have vetted the process and placing unapproved tenants in the units. Once the rule committee gets their wording finalized, we will send it to the attorney with details of our problems to ensure our new rules will help streamline the process. There are some things we cannot do but others that might make it harder for owners to bypass the rules.
Dennis noted that having an interviewing committee might help. If residents know they will be interviewed in person and we tell them the rules and give them written copies, it can only help the process. Dennis was willing to help when he is in town.  Linda Evans also stated that she would help.

Set Next Meeting: No set meeting was established. A new meeting date will be set when needed.

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Brenda Dowd, Secretary    

Michelle Davis, Manager