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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors for the
AUGUST 23, 2013

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm by President Betty Conant. Thirteen residents attended.

Establish Quorum of Directors: 
Board members present: President Betty Conant Secretary Brenda Dowd and Treasurer Dennis Filler. 

Approval of Prior Minutes: 
Brenda motioned to approve the minutes of the meeting held May 23, 2013 as written and posted on the web site. Dennis seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: 
Manager Michelle Davis reported that as of July 31, 2013, the Association has $39,200 in the operating account, with $7,850 in prepaid assessments, leaving an actual total of $31,350 in operating funds. There is a total of $243,664 in the various reserve accounts. We show a total of $41,153 in outstanding dues from residents as of the end of last month, but one, #116 has been paid in full by the bank ($4800) after much correspondence about the FL statute and having the Association attorney tell us we were only entitled to $971.00. Over $26K of the receivables balance is in two units that the Association has taken back and is renting out. We are paying down the outstanding balance by $400 each month with these tenants. 
The Association has started foreclosure action against #226 because of their refusal to follow the payment plan the Board agreed to and bouncing the last check received. Another two units are having problems paying, and we must send them to the attorney since they are not making any payments at all now. Unit #255 is in bank foreclosure, but they are slow in making progress. We have $34,776 accrued to cover “bad debts”, and that should be sufficient. 

The Association is $433 under budget, working very hard at keeping expenses under control. They did spend money on a new well and pump, but those expenses came from reserves. 

Roof Cleaning Ratification: 
When we met with the painter, Ryan Bonner from Anchor Painting, he noted that a number of our roofs were moldy. He noted that this actually cuts the life of the roof material, so Michelle researched, obtained 2 written bids and the Board gave the go ahead to have the three roofs completed this last week, before the painting begins. That cost is $900 because they used our maintenance man and removed $100 from the total for the five hours John worked with them. Brenda made that motion, noting that it could come from roof reserves, if needed. Dennis seconded, all in favor. Dennis recommended that for the next new roof installed, we should research using a synthetic shingle instead of asphalt, since the synthetic should not mold and deteriorate.

Update on Painting Start Date: 
We have confirmed that the work will begin August 27th, by pressure washing 1765, 1785, and 1795 Harrison. This should take one to two days and then painting will start. 

Rules / Amendment Committee Report: 
The committee of Evelyn Bourke and Dolores McDowell took the time to look at problem areas in the rules and came up with changes to Pets, Noise, Pool Rules and Leasing Requirements. 
Regarding pets, they felt all owners with pets should be charged a $20 fee if excrement is found on the common elements. Manager stated that we must have proof of who is not cleaning up before billing anyone, so recommended the “Doggie DNA” testing, which would require all pet owners to pay the initial $30 fee and have their pet’s mouth swabbed. When poop is found in the common areas, it will be sent in for testing. This ensures the violating owner is accurately found, and that offender would then pay the current cost of $50 for the testing. 

It was explained that all rule changes will go to the attorney to ensure we can legally enforce the rules, and then they will be mailed to all owners for input before the Board decides to enact them.

Dennis noted that a couple of owners have circumvented the leasing process, and it caused an uproar in the neighborhood. There has to be some monetary ramification for those who do not honor the minimum 10 day approval process. There was discussion of fining owners $500 if they do not follow the process. They also wanted it known that if a tenant is not approved in advance, they will be unapproved completely and must move out immediately.
There was also wording to disallow any Section 8 Housing applicants, or those deemed not appropriate for condominium living. Manager said this could cause lawsuits of discrimination. Many owners felt manager was wrong, because the current rules allow the Board to disapprove anyone they want for any reason. The attorney will be asked for appropriate wording and to explain the Board’s power.

Because fining requires a committee of non-Board members, Geraldine Pope offered to serve. Two others also offered, so the attorney will be told they are in place and ready to serve. 

Yard Sale Request: Resident Sarah Fraser spent a lot of time putting together questions and options for having a condo-wide “garage sale”. Some were against it, believing it would bring in people who might want to “case” the place, and that parking would be an issue. The Board took a poll of those present, and 9 were in favor and 4 were against having these sales. 
Sarah was asked to put together a final version of the pros of doing this, and other members will help going door to door asking for opinions and signatures on whether to go forward with this. Dennis stated that if this is to go forward, Sarah would have to be in charge of managing all of the concerns and issues that might come up. She agreed.

Update on Security Lighting: 
The first bid from Brevard Electric was for $865.00. A second bid came in from a friend of John’s, at over $200 in savings, but he does not have worker’s compensation insurance. A third bid was requested, because the Board felt that with this type of work, we need a warranty and real worker’s comp insurance.

Receipt of Owner Interest in Serving on Board:
Dennis said he was happy to say that we now have 5 legitimate parties willing to serve on the board, after going seven months with no one else willing to serve. Those interested in serving are: Linda Beckwith, Felicia Cardone, Mark Novella, (but a resident attending the meeting said he had changed his mind and was too busy), Evelyn Bourke and Sarah Fraser. Dennis said it will be wonderful to have a 5 person board, but he wants the sitting Board to interview each of them before making a decision, so this was tabled until the next Board meeting. Some in the audience vocally dissented waiting. Dennis said that the Board is currently a 3 person board and there must be an odd number of members, per the governing documents. He said the Board will interview each prospect as part of the process, but are not prepared to do that today.
He asked that everyone recognize that this is a voluntary board and that they serve the community on their “own time and own dime”, so instead of contention, please allow the Board to follow their process. He reiterated that he is very happy to see people willing to serve with the current Board, but wants to follow a fair process in their decision-making.
Owner Input: 
Geraldine Pope said that all the complaints that are brought up at meetings should be started before the meeting by writing a letter to the Board and asking for their help in rectifying a problem. Going through the “process” before taking it up at a Board meeting would help speed things up.

Bob McDowell said we waste money on having a maintenance man. Dennis said that John’s hours have been cut to 25 per week, and we believe this should be sufficient to get the work done, but that a complex this size does need maintenance personnel.

Dennis noted that at the last meeting, an “Interview Committee” was discussed. It seems that there is now a 3 person committee to get this started: Dennis Filler, Geraldine Pope and Linda Beckwith. They will interview new owners and new tenants, to ensure that they know all the rules and responsibilities of living in a condo environment. Manager will take the first step of obtaining the credit and background check, and then face to face communication should help smooth out any problems with new residents.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 3:36 pm.

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM Manager