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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors for the
August 29, 2014

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 12:05 PM by Michelle Davis from Reconcilable Differences. Six unit owners attended. 

Establish Quorum of Directors: 
Board members present: President Brenda Dowd, Vice President Evelyn Bourke, Treasurer Dennis Filler, and Secretary Betty Conant. Director David Mark was absent. 

Approval of Prior Minutes: 
Dennis motioned to approve the minutes of the Board meeting held June 19, 2014 as written. Evelyn seconded, all in favor.  

Financial/Collections: Dennis reported that everything looks good to date. 


  • Painting/Roof Update: Evelyn reported that Complete Painting Services was found to be the brother of the man who did the stucco work on the west wall. All in all, Evelyn stated that the company did an excellent job painting the three buildings, 1695, 1715, and 1725. Evelyn would recommend them again. Their price and quality were excellent. Evelyn reported that the roofs replaced by Total Home Roofing, on buildings 1795, 1785, and 1725 were installed professionally, they cleaned up well, and Evelyn would recommend them again also.
  • Unit 226 Costs: Lynn reported that in order to rent unit 226, the Association had to spend approximately $2,000. The air conditioner compressor was inoperable. A local, reputable contractor bid $1,000 to replace the outside unit and ensure all was working. This will belong to the association when the bank finally forecloses on the unit. Other items needed before renting: light fixtures, door fixtures, drywall, tile repairs. When a handyman was hired to do some of this work along with general clean-up, he found that the last owner's tenant sabotaged the unit. She cut the water lines to all the toilets and sinks, cut the ice maker lines, and basically "booby trapped" the unit so that when water was turned on, it would flood. All of these repairs were made for approximately $1,000. Evelyn motioned to ratify these past expenses in order to get this unit ready to be rented. The rental rate on this unit will be set at $600 per month. Dennis seconded the motion and all were in favor.
  • Unit 249: The tenant chosen for this unit is a single woman with a 3-year-old daughter. However, in the last few weeks, there have been a lot of men entering and exiting the unit all hours of the day and night. The Board felt that she was in violation of the governing documents and asked management to send her a 30-day notice to vacate the property due to not following a number of rules. Management agreed to send this immediately. 
New Business: 
Vote to adopt amendments and have lawyer record: Michelle stated that the first vote was intended to clarify the Board’s rulemaking authority and whether it extended to both the units and the common elements, as it is usually the case in condominiums. Our attorney recommended clarifying the language. The second vote amendment would reduce the amount of membership concurrence needed to adopt amendments to the Declaration of Condominium from an absolute two-thirds of all voting interest to two thirds of all voting interest present and voting in person or by proxy at a duly called membership meeting (but not less than a minimum quorum) regardless of whether the vote is taken at a meeting or by written agreement without the calling of a formal meeting. There were enough positive votes to approve both amendments. Evelyn made the motion to approve the amendments above and send the approval to the attorney to be recorded. Betty seconded, all were in favor. Michelle stated that once the recorded amendments were sent back to the association, the members would receive copies by mail to keep with their governing documents. Full and accurate documents are required to be handed to new owners when a person sells their unit.     

Introduction of new Maintenance Man - Dennis Lessard: Evelyn stated that John Bussey no longer works at Village Square and Dennis Lessard has been hired as the new maintenance man. She introduced him to the members present. So far, the Board is very happy with Dennis's knowledge and work ethic. 

Wood Repairs at Unit 156: Evelyn reported that Elite Construction is still waiting on the city to approve the building permit. Once approved, work will begin on repairing the rotten wood at unit 156. Evelyn motioned to use Wood Reserves to pay for this repair, at a cost of $9076.80. Betty seconded, all in favor. It looks like termite damage, and Massey believes it is drywood termite damage, which is not covered by their subterranean bond. The Board requested that management seek bids for Drywood Termite coverage. Lynn will obtain and report at the next meeting. 

Set Next Meeting Date: The Board Meeting to discuss and approve mailing a proposed 2015 budget to the owners will be held on Friday, October 10, 2014 at 12:00 pm. 

Adjournment: There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 12:40 pm. 

Lynn Hiott, LCAM #35322 and Michelle Davis, LCAM #17226