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Village Square of Titusville Condominium Association, Inc
Minutes of Sept. 21st 2011.


Regarding Anita Minterís complaint of discrimination, we received a letter from Tallahassee that the complaint has been cancelled without cause and the case closed.
Regarding the Doug Seeley complaint against Village Square, the complaint was cancelled without cause and is also closed.

Thanks go to Elizabeth Gosnell for the purchase of our new bulletin board at the clubhouse.


Pres. Evelyn Bourke
Vice Pres. Vern Groe via speaker phone
Treasurer Doris McDowall
Assist. Sec. Elizabeth Gosnell
Quorum was established

Minutes of July 20th 2011 were read and corrected to read that funds were not from reserves. Motion was made to receive bids for carpet and vinyl.


Acceptance of Maria Colvinís Resignation and Appointment of New Secretary:  Motion was made to accept Maria Colvinís resignation by Elizabeth Gosnell and seconded by Doris Mc Dowell.

Appointment of New Secretary Betty Conant:   Motion was made by Elizabeth Gosnell to appoint Betty Conant as Secretary and seconded by Doris McDowell.  All in favor and the motion was passed.

Ratify Carpet & Vinyl:   Cost of Carpet was $1403.00.  Cost of installation was $640.00. Motion was made by Doris McDowell and seconded by Elizabeth Gosnell.  All in favor voted yes and the motion was carried.  

Signs:  A motion was made to approve the ADT signs in the front of three unit ownerís buildings by Doris McDowell and seconded by Elizabeth Gosnell.  All in favor and the motion was carried.
Discussion pertaining to Village Square Sign at west entrance:  There is no mention on the sign of this complex being a PRIVATELY OWNED CONDOMINIUM. Discussion ensued and the board voted to add to the existing west sign ďa privately owned condominiumĒ letters.

Painting Front Wall on Harrison St.: Two bids were received. One bid was from Ron Marino for $3,880 and his bid included Richardís Paint. A second bid was from Terry Van Buskirk for $1,472. A motion was made to accept Terry Van Buskirkís bid by Doris McDowell and seconded by Betty Conant. All in Favor voted yes and the bid went to Terry.

TREASURERíS REPORT: Doris McDowell read the over the financial report as a copy had been distributed to the memberís and attendance.


Betty Conant, Secretary