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MINUTES of the
Village Square of Titusville Condominium Association, Inc.
Board Meeting 
held OCTOBER 6, 2016

Call to Order / Establish Quorum: The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm in the clubhouse. Board members present: President Brenda Dowd and Secretary/Treasurer Betty Conant. VP Dennis Filler could not attend. Michelle Davis with Reconcilable Differences was also present, as were 5 residents.

Approve Minutes of the April 22 Board Meeting: Betty motioned to approve these minutes as written and posted on the website. Brenda seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: Michelle Davis reported that as of September 30, 2016, the Association has $81K in the Operating Account and $365,645 in the various Reserve Savings accounts and CD’s. There is one very slow paying owner, so a lien may be filed next month if not paid, and the association is $14,695 under budget year to date. The Association is fully funded and is in very good financial shape.

Unfinished Business: 

  • None
New Business: 
  • Replace Security Cameras, Modem, DVR, Monitor, Phones:  Lightning seems to have hit the clubhouse and taken out all the items listed. Innovative Surveillance (IS) has replaced all non-working items at cost with no labor added, even though this was not his fault. The cost is $1,057.00. Betty motioned to pay this, Brenda seconded, all in favor.
  • Possible increase in Number of Security Cameras on Property:  Betty met with IS to discuss areas that cannot currently be seen on the cameras. We also need to install an updated radio link from building 1655 to 1725 and to 1785 so there are no obstructions. The parking areas between 1785 and 1795, the area between 1735 and 1755, at the entrance marquis were bid for new cameras to help with more security. The bid for new cameras, poles, wiring, labor and training is $3,386.00. Betty motioned to use operating funds under the general maintenance expense line to cover this cost, since we are under budget year to date. Brenda seconded, all in favor.
  • Shutter Replacements for Windows Facing Roads: Two buildings do not have decorative shutters on the sides of the windows facing the road. We do not know if they were initially installed and were lost through the years, but adding them would help all buildings coordinate. They are a minor cost and will be painted to match existing shutters. The board agreed to this.
  • A/C Line Responsibility: Some units, especially second floor units, have had to replace wiring between compressor and condenser. In order to replace as originally installed, they would have to open the wall of the first floor behind the hot water heater. This is intrusive and expensive. After research by board member and engineer Dennis Filler, it was found that some buildings have the wires in small conduit surrounded by wood that matches the siding. It is very unobtrusive. Others have large metal covers and these must be replaced, because they stick out and do not match the look of the building. Brenda Dowd motioned to allow unit owners to have their a/c technicians run replacement wiring in small conduit down the outside of the buildings and Association maintenance will install the proper wood covering to match the building. Betty seconded, all in favor.
  • Draft 2017 Budget Approval for Mailing to Owners: The draft budget shows no increase for a 6th year. Because this condominium does not cover the cost of cable, water or sewer, fees don’t have to go up as often as others that pay for those utilities. Betty motioned to mail out the draft budget to all owners for their input. Brenda seconded, all in favor.
  • Fire Sprinkler Opt-Out Vote Results: In August, Space Coast Condo Assn members called to say that even though this condominium is only two stories high, it would behoove them to have the owners vote to “opt-out” of any future fire marshal requirements in regard to fire sprinkler installation inside units, stairwells and the clubhouse. Not only would such an installation be costly, it would also be unsightly to retro-fit. Attorney Paul Wean was asked to prepare a “written consent form”. This was mailed to all owners in August. As of today, eighty-four (84) unit owners voted “yes” to NOT retrofit. One (1) voted No. With 104 units in the Association, we needed 53 “yes” votes to pass, so this Association has “opted out” of retrofitting for fire sprinklers. The results will be forwarded to the association attorney to record with the county and the DBPR. All owners will receive a copy of the recorded document to keep with their governing documents. The document will also be posted on the Village Square website.
Owner Input: Because an owner asked about a flag pole in the April meeting, management is obtaining bids to install one at the west entrance next to the sign. This will be voted on at the next meeting.

Hurricane Matthew touched down on October 6th. The condo was without power for about 2 days, but was relatively unscathed. There was a lot of yard debris and tree limb clean-up required. The 1685 building had a lot of shingles come off in the high winds, and building 1705 also lost shingles. The Association has a “3% hurricane deductible”, so the $835,247-valued building has a $25,057 deductible. Roofers will be brought in for inspection and repair, or possible replacement, if needed. All owners with an H06 condo policy will have “loss assessment coverage” for any hurricane-related special assessment. More information will be discussed at the next meeting, when we have actual costs. 

Set Next Meeting:  The meeting to approve the 2017 budget will be held on Thursday, November 10th at 3:00 pm in the clubhouse. Notice will be posted and the budget and agenda mailed to all owners. 

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM #17226
Community Association Manager
Reconcilable Differences, Inc.