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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors for the
October 18, 2013

Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by President Betty Conant. Twelve residents attended.

Establish Quorum of Directors: 
Board members present: President Betty Conant, Secretary Brenda Dowd and Treasurer Dennis Filler. Michelle Davis and Lynn Hiott represented Reconcilable Differences. Attorney Frank Ruggieri with The Ruggieri Law Firm P.A. was also in attendance. 

Approval of Prior Minutes: 
Brenda motioned to approve the minutes of the meeting held August 23rd as written and posted on the web site. Dennis seconded, all in favor.

President’s Message: 
Betty reported that there was an owner who found a car that appeared to be abandoned and he contacted the police. They came out to retrieve the vehicle and found that it had been stolen and left onsite. It is now back with the owner. For his outstanding performance in the community, the Board presented Joe Biggi with a small token of appreciation and thanked him for his services. 

Financial Report: 
Manager Michelle Davis reported that as of September 30, 2013, the Association has $48,304 in the operating account, with $6,675 in prepaid assessments, leaving an actual total of $41,629 in operating funds. There is a total of $249,235 in the various reserve accounts. We show a total of $37,150 in outstanding dues from residents as of the end of last month. Over $26K of the receivables balance is in two units that the Association has taken back and is renting out. We are paying down the outstanding balance by $400 each month with these tenants, along with paying the current fees. We have $35,776 accrued to cover “bad debts”, and that should be sufficient if and when banks finally foreclose on their properties.

Guest Attorney Frank Ruggieri with The Ruggieri Law Firm P.A. was introduced to assist the Board with their Declarations and Bylaws. 

Unfinished Business: 
Yard sale Request: Dennis reported that at the last Board meeting, Sarah Fraser accepted the task of getting the community to sign in support of having a yard sale and to report this data back to the Board for them to discuss. However, Sarah and her team chose to place announcements on residents’ doors stating that the yard sale would occur October 18th. The Board then had to post notices on the bulletin boards stating that this yard sale was not approved by the Board and should not occur. Dennis asked the membership in attendance who gave the authority to post these notices and move forward with the yard sale. No one would come forward to accept this responsibility. Nonetheless, this is why this subject is on the agenda. Several owners had the ability to speak on why they felt the yard sale should be approved and several owners spoke about not wanting to have the yard sale. A number of residents were not aware that the yard sale was going to be open for anyone on the outside of the community to come in, so this made some residents who live by themselves very fearful. 

A lot of discussion occurred about how this yard sale could be supported by the majority of the owners. Sarah’s group did present signatures in support of the yard sale and the Board agreed to contact each of the signatures to verify their understanding of the yard sale. The Board asked Attorney Frank Ruggieri about their right to proceed with approving or disapproving the yard sale. Frank stated that the Village Square Bylaws, 4.26 discuss the Board’s right to regulate common elements like the lawns, sidewalks, etc. He stated that it is the Board’s discretion to look at all the pros and cons of having such a sale and since many residents have expressed their safety concerns about bringing in the public that this should not be ignored. Another issue was brought up about the Associations insurance and if the Board allowed this type of activity to occur, then there was a strong chance that the liability insurance could increase due to the liabilities of the public entering our grounds. The Board agreed unanimously to post 2 signs today after the meeting to postpone the yard sale. Any further requests for a yard sale are tabled until more information is gathered and disseminated correctly to the residents.  

New Business: 

  • Harassment Issues: Dennis reported that owners have taken it upon themselves to leave harassing notes on doors or vehicles, along with the many phone calls and knocks on the Board members’ personal doors. Dennis said that no owner should be knocking on their private doors at any hour of the day to complain about association business. We have a policy in place where owners can fill out an “Attention Form” either online or in the office and the Board will receive these and assign what needs to be accomplished. Frank spoke to the Board about what needs to occur regarding harassment and he suggested that a policy be written and adopted by the Board about items such as “conversational tone” that must be adhered to, that voices cannot be elevated, and that if situations occur that the Board needs to be aware of, then completing the Attention forms we already have in place. He will write the needed documents for the Board to adopt into their Rules and Regulations. Once the policy is in place, there will be steps that will have to be taken to not allow someone to cross those lines of harassment or annoyance. Frank reminded the residents that the Board of Directors is not a “paid” job and that they were volunteers and should not be disturbed at their residence or place of employment. If the residents have something to share, just follow the procedure already in place with the attention forms.
  • Approval of Proposed 2014 Budget for mailing to owners: Michelle reported that after several hours of going over the actual costs and expected expenditures in 2014, the Board was able to keep the 2014 monthly association dues at the same rate they have been for the 4 prior years, at $200 per month, per unit. Dennis made the motion to accept the proposed 2014 budget and mail out to owners to look at and discuss at the next meeting. Brenda seconded, all in favor. 
Owner Input: 
Geraldine Pope said that all the complaints that are brought up at meetings should be started before the meeting by writing a letter to the Board and asking for their help in rectifying a problem. Going through the “process” before taking it up at a Board meeting would help speed things up.

Paulette Guthrie asked why we budgeted for a CPA review this year when the new Florida Statutes changed the amounts and we are only required to complete a financial statement. Michelle said she just realized how that statute will modify what financial oversight is needed, and the budget will be changed to show the lower cost. Prior to the approval meeting. 

Set Next Meeting Date: 
The next meeting date is set for November 15th to approve the 2014 Budget. All unit owners will receive a full copy of the draft budget and reserve analysis, along with written justification for the numbers, at least 14 days before that meeting, per Florida Statute.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 12:55 pm.


Lynn Hiott, LCAM     and   Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, LCAM Reconcilable Differences, Inc.