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Minutes of the 
Village Square of Titusville  
Board Budget Meeting 

Call to Order:  The meeting began at 3:02 pm in the clubhouse

Establish Quorum of Directors: President Brenda Dowd and Treasurer/Secretary Betty Conant were present. Vice President Dennis Filler could not attend. Manager Michelle Davis was in attendance and 10 owners were present.

Approve Minutes of the last Board Meeting: Brenda Dowd motioned to approve the minutes of the October 6, 2016 meeting that are posted on the website. Betty seconded, all in favor.

Financial Report: Michelle reported that through October 31st, the Association has $58,689 in the Operating accounts, and $375,217 in various savings accounts for reserves. We have receivables of $12,250 consisting of three units; one will be paid at closing, one owner passed away, and one missed a payment almost a year ago and hasn’t make that payment yet.  Year to date, the Association is $14,165 under budget.  

Owner Input on Draft 2017 Budget: No one had questions.

Board Approval of 2017 Budget: Betty motioned approve the 2017 budget at $200.00 for a seventh year.  Brenda seconded, all in favor.

Amendment Discussion re: Limiting Children under 18 years old: Some owners had requested that the board discuss having the owners vote to not allow any children under 18 to live full time in this community. There was discussion about allowing up to two (2) week visits at a time, up to four (4) times per year for grandchildren. Betty motioned to have the attorney write up this amendment to have the owners vote on. Brenda seconded, all in favor.

Amendment Discussion: Limiting Owners to 2 Units per Name: Because most who own more than one unit rent them all out, the board was asked to have members vote to not allow a family or corporation to own more than 2 units. This segued into asking for an amendment vote to not allow rentals over 25%, to help buyers obtain mortgages. Betty made the motion to have both amendments written up. Brenda seconded, all in favor.

Hurricane Repairs Update: A lot of shingles were lost on building 1685, a few on 1705, the sign and lights at the clubhouse took a beating, we lost the security DVR, two cameras and software, and we lost the fax machine in the office; the last two to lightening, we assume. There was also a lot of yard debris and limb damage. The cameras and DVR were replaced at cost by Innovative Surveillance. Bids have been requested of two roofing companies, and we will buy a new fax machine. In the future, we will replace the Association sign. Michelle stated that the hurricane deductible is $24,500K for building 1685. If a new one is needed, individual owner condo policies (H06) have a minimum $2000 loss assessment coverage, which would reimburse the owner for at least a portion of the special assessment for a casualty repair. It is highly suggested that all owners purchase H06 insurance and that they pay the very small premium to increase that loss assessment coverage, because if there was more damage, each unit owner would be responsible for their share of up to $253,535 in damages (3% of the value of the buildings, which is currently $8,451,154). Michelle was asked how much was saved in reserves. Roof Reserves have $22,766.

New Business: There is no camera coverage in parking lots between buildings, and that seems to be where the concerns are. Innovative Surveillance bid $3,500 to add 4 cameras, one of which would see all license plates coming in the front entrance. Brenda made the motion to use operating funds to cover this. Betty seconded, all in favor.

Set Annual Meeting: A first notice of the Annual Meeting must go out soon. The Board agreed to January 26, 2016 for the next Annual Meeting. It was stressed that the board would like to have five members, but we haven’t had enough interest by owners.

Set Next Meeting: If a December meeting is needed, notice will be posted at least 48 hours in advance on the bulletin boards. 

Owner Input: A resident asked about the standing water at the entrances. Stormwater utilities are responsible for keeping drainage systems in easements operating properly, so Betty will post the city’s phone number on the bulletin boards, and ALL residents are asked to call when they see the water ponding for longer than 2 hours.

Another resident asked about the downed fences on the private property next door. Betty said she would contact the owner of those properties and ask him to replace these fences as soon as possible.

A resident asked about the dog that attacked another. The attorney has said we need written complaints with details and video if possible, and for the future, our attorney will check on each request. Another concern is owners not cleaning up after their pets. Michelle said “Doggie DNA” has helped at other properties. It was requested that we have a representative attend the Annual Meeting to explain how it would work and how much it will cost each pet owner initially.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:44 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Davis, CMCA, AMS, CAM 17226
Community Association Manager